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Goin' Sugarin

Join us as we visit maple syrup and sugar producers and enjoy a performance by Jamie Lester and The Lords of Lester

Apple of My Eye

Chef Marion visits a multi-generational orchard before heading to a venue producing traditional English hard cider. Musical guest: Hovel


Discover Appalachia's tropical fruit--the pawpaw.  This episode's musical guest: Quie

Attack of the Killer 'Maters

Chef Marion visits an organic farm to pick vine-ripe tomatoes and then welcomes Hello June for a performance

Appalachian Bison Roast

Join us for a traditional Appalachian Bison Roast, and a performance by musical guest Rodney Rice. 

Salt of the Earth

Chef Marion gets salt collected from an ancient ocean buried deep beneath the Appalachian mountains
Musical guest: The Hardway